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Angel Falls Building Services, LLC is the cleaning company in Maple Grove that you can trust to keep your establishment looking its best. It's no surprise that as soon as someone walks into your company, the first thing they do is make an assumption about your business. What will potential customers and employees say about yours? With our cleaning services in Maple Grove, we help you make an impression that'll last.

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Protect Your Staff With Covid Cleaning in Maple Grove

The COVID-19 virus can be spread through various surfaces, which makes your working environment an ideal place for the virus to lurk in. With so much uncertainty happening globally, we understand the importance of having a trusted cleaning company in Maple Grove that you can trust to eliminate any viruses and bacteria that can be deemed dangerous. Our commercial cleaning keeps your business safe, and your employees focused.


Eliminate the Dangers That Lurk in Your Maple Grove Property

Our deep cleaning isn't carried out like your ordinary cleaning services in Maple Grove. We not only focus on cleaning the surface, but we penetrate deep to eliminate all bacteria and dangerous pathogens. You never know what dangers could be on your company's walls, desks, cash registers, and other near assets. With our deep cleaning team in Maple Grove, we sanitize with the best products and strategic practices. It's important to note that we pay close attention to high touch areas in your commercial property. We know that many individuals tend to touch elevator buttons, light switches, and door handles. Therefore, these areas are more prone to stubborn bacteria.

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Make a Positive Statement With Clean Windows

Does taking time out of your busy schedule to clean the windows sound like fun to you? You no longer have to worry about annoying dirty haze covering your windows and stubborn stains you can't seem to get rid of. Our window cleaning products don't leave an array of swirls from where you just wiped the window. We use top products that'll keep your windows clean for months. Not to mention, clean windows help keep your property in Maple Grove looking professional.


Show Your Customers You Care About their Environment

Cleaning your floors can certainly seem like a hassle. With all the foot traffic your company deals with on a day to day basis, it's impossible to keep your flooring clean. Whether your business is lined with white carpets, marble tiling, or hardwood flooring, you can trust that our cleaning services in Maple Grove will keep your property looking presentable. Dirty carpets and stained flooring can be telling your customers that you don't care about their experience in your business, ultimately losing customers.

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    Our Janitors Do It All

    Our janitorial services include sanitation of all surfaces in your Maple Grove property. It has been reported that over 10 million bacteria are found on the average office desk, which is 400 times higher than the microbes that are located on the average toilet seat. It's unrealistic to think that your employees will remain comfortable and focused, knowing that there are that many bacteria lurking in their workplace. Bring your employees peace of mind with our janitorial services in Maple Grove. We not only sanitize and clean your commercial property, but we eliminate the trash as well.

    Quality Services for Everyone

    Angel Falls Building Services, LLC knows the incredible impact our cleaning services make on businesses in Maple Grove. Therefore, we dedicate our commercial cleaning to the following clientele:

    • Office Building Cleaning
    • Medical Facilities Cleaning
    • Retail & Restaurant Cleaning
    • Theatre Cleaning
    • Church Cleaning
    • Fitness Center Cleaning
    • School Cleaning
    • Auto Dealership Cleaning
    • Bank Cleaning

    Establishing A Safe Environment for Every Business

    Are you tired of your property looking disheveled and dirty in a constant state of disarray? Lucky for you, our experts can help. Angel Falls Building Services, LLC provides the Maple Grove community with an easier way to keep their commercial property clean. Whether you’re seeking traditional cleaning services, deep cleaning, or janitorial services, we have the means to complete the job. There’s no way of telling whether your Maple Grove establishment is free of threatening microbes, so to turn to our professionals today!

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