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You no longer have to struggle with the idea of who's going to keep your business looking its best. At Angel Falls Building Services, LLC, we service the Minneapolis community with the top cleaning services in the area. We know that when it comes to your business, you want the best. Regardless of whether your company is a retail, corporate, or government establishment, our commercial cleaning in Minneapolis team knows how to make a great first impression with your business.

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Bringing Your Minneapolis Property a Fresh Start, With Our COVID-19 Cleaning

With so much uncertainty in today's world, we bring you peace of mind with our COVID-19 deep cleanings in Minneapolis. The reality is the COVID-19 virus can be spread through various surfaces, and the workplace is one of the main places that germs lie. When choosing our cleaning company, we ensure you're providing your employees and customers with a safe and protected environment. No one wants to walk into a retail store or head to work for an 8-hour shift only to find that their work environment is infested with dangerous and threatening bacteria. We bring your business in Minneapolis peace of mind that they're working in a safe and clean environment.


Thorough Cleaning That Protects Your Staff in Minneapolis

With our deep cleaning services in Minneapolis, you're not just getting your standard cleaning. We penetrate deep into the surface in order to reach those stubborn bacteria particles you wouldn't find otherwise. After cleaning your typical surfaces, we pay close attention to high touch areas and other shared spaces that many individuals come in contact with. You wouldn't think that the elevator buttons in your office or the vending machines in your breakroom have threatening bacteria that could be dangerous. It's our job to eliminate these pathogens from entering your digestive system.

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Minneapolis's #1 Choice for Window Cleaning

Are you looking for window cleaning in Minneapolis that not only keeps your windows clear but keeps the bacteria and germs away? When you trust Angel Falls Building Services, LLC for quality window cleaning services, we're confident you won't be disappointed. We know you likely don't have time to dedicate to scrubbing your windows or making sure those stubborn smudges are gone. That's why our team goes above and beyond when cleaning your windows at a time that's best for you. See for yourself why we're the preferred cleaning company in Minneapolis.

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Keeping Your Floors Clean Throughout the Years

Keeping your flooring clean in your Minneapolis business is never easy. With so much foot traffic that can be happening on your floors, it can often seem like a challenge to keep up with the cleaning and scrubbing it'll take to keep your flooring looking good. No matter whether your establishment has carpet, hardwood, marble, or tile flooring, we can keep it looking its best with our top equipment, quality products, and strategic practices in Minneapolis.

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    Janitorial Services That Eliminate Your Stress

    Different businesses require different needs regarding the sanitation and cleaning of their commercial property in Minneapolis. When choosing to opt for our janitorial services, we never pressure you to make a constant service plan. We sit down with our customers and determine what your business needs and how often your company will benefit from our janitorial services. We not only clean your work environment, but we also sanitize every surface and complete our trash removal, all without any interruption to your Minneapolis business.

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    We Serve All Clients in Minneapolis

    At Angel Falls Building Services, LLC, we make it our mission to serve a wide range of commercial clients with our traditional cleaning, deep cleaning, and janitorial services. Our commercial clients in Minneapolis include the following:

    • Office Building Cleaning
    • Medical Facilities Cleaning
    • Retail & Restaurant Cleaning
    • Theatre Cleaning
    • Church Cleaning
    • Fitness Center Cleaning
    • School Cleaning
    • Auto Dealership Cleaning
    • Bank Cleaning

    Establishing A Safe Environment for Every Business

    Are you tired of your property looking disheveled and dirty in a constant state of disarray? Lucky for you, our experts can help. Angel Falls Building Services, LLC provides the Minneapolis community with an easier way to keep their commercial property clean. Whether you’re seeking traditional cleaning services, deep cleaning, or janitorial services, we have the means to complete the job. There’s no way of telling whether your Minneapolis establishment is free of threatening microbes, so to turn to our professionals today!

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